MOD 2020 Leadership Training Course

This is a unique course for women who desire to learn, explore and practice their leadership abilities in the Ladies of Teshuvah Facebook group. Students will learn and practice leadership skills that will help them discover their unique calling as priests of YHVH Elohim.

By the end of the course and 1 year volunteer commitment, students will feel more capable to walk in and more excited about YHVH's unique gifting and calling on their own personal life.

This course starts with preparing students to take on the challenge of supporting and encouraging a small group of ladies online for 6 months in the Facebook or Band platform. Students will be required to show up to a once-a-week group zoom meeting with Rebekah and to finish homework assignments on time. You will be stretched and in the end you will become more confident in your leadership abilities, whether you stay in the group to help lead or take your new leadership skills elsewhere. Among many things, the course will also get to go through a Bible study on Teshuvah Ministries beliefs!

After the training and then the required 6 months volunteer time there will be a personal phone review with Rebekah to talk about what you learned, where the Ruach ha'Kodesh is moving you and perhaps future options of serving further as a volunteer with her at Teshuvah Ministries.

The best thing about this course is that as a student in this course you will make life-long friends with the other MODS, you will have access to the MOD Messanger chat and you will have lots of support.

Course is 15-17 weeks and is led by Rebekah Garvin and guests. Limited to 12 seats.

Ladies of Teshuvah is a branch of Teshuvah Ministries which was founded 2012.

Course Feedback:

"Are you looking for more ways to serve others? Do you miss the opportunities for serving and ministry you had when you were in a church? Would you like to grow as a person and learn some new skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, take the Mod training! You will find it to be great blessing. You will be stretched. (That is a good thing). You will be blessed, and come out on the other side having more opportunities to bless others. I'm so thankful I took this opportunity. And I hope you do the same." –– Sharmen Anderson, 2019 MOD

"Dearest Rebekah You are an amazing woman who has taught me so much about being a leader, based on how you ACT. I’m very thankful that you have given me the opportunity to partner with you in this ministry. Thank you for sowing into my life - I see your heart poured out in these training modules, that you are sincere in sharing your skills and knowledge. You demonstrate generosity to me. I hope that during your sabbatical year, you will be supernaturally recharged, with new inspirations for where to take this ministry next. It is always a struggle for me to find people I can trust for spiritual guidance, and most of my life, I have stumbled along mostly fiddling in the dark and relying only on Papa’s soft voice. You have been such a gift to me. I love you and your family Rebekah, and I pray for the day we can hang out in Israel or USA, surrounded by Yah’s beautiful creation." –– Love, Ali Prescott, 2019 MOD

WOW! You have done an amazing job on this training. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for pouring into me. Thank you for "multiplying" your gifts for the Kingdom. This is discipleship on a whole new level, lol. ...thank you for the opportunity to serve our King. I know the idea of small groups began as a tool to help you facilitate the main group but it has turned into so much more. I for one have been needing the training you have provided. Your idea transpired at a time that I needed it most. It is obvious that you have dedicated tons of time and energy into helping us ladies become better leaders. To me this is discipleship on a new level lol. I am not an excellent writer or eloquent of speech but just know I appreciate you and the time you have invested into me and the other ladies. The things I have learned will not only be used here but in a broader way in YHVH's Kingdom and for that I am grateful!!! The leadership skills learned through you and your teachings are teaching me how to be an Ezer in all points of my life for the Kingdom. Thank you for helping me learn how to work for the King for a time like this!! It is refreshing and fun!! I especially like that this training has giving me the "Tech edge" for the Kingdom work. Love you! Rebekah" ... – Sherry P.,

The MOD training was intense but meaningful as I was given the opportunity to reflect on what Biblical leadership looked like, learning of cos from Rabbi Yeshua. Having Rebekah walk us through the course and the different tasks was encouraging as she demonstrated servant leadership throughout, always being kind but also resolute in her expectations of us.The course required an honest reflection of my heart (intentions) and courage to develop skills necessary to lead publicly. Above all, the training held me accountable to understanding and living out my role as Ezer Kenegdo through the beautiful Melchizedek Feast Rhythm, which has brought about countless blessings to my life. – Ali Prescott


Yay! It's happening! I need some more ladies to rise up and become leaders in the Ladies of Teshuvah group! Who will join our new round of MODS this year? :-) Enroll by April 1. Class starts April 2. This course is only available once-a-year. Now's the time! :-) Register here: https://the-kingdom-university.teachable.com/ https://the-kingdom-university.teachable.com/

Your Coach / Instructor

Rebekah Garvin
Rebekah Garvin

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Rebekah is an American Northwest Girl who loves the mountains, white sand beaches, aqua blue water, dolphins and desert. She loves harvest time, sustainable organic living, sunbathing and figure skating.

She is a wife (21 years to Isaac) and mother (of 2 daughters, 17 and 20). She is a published author, speaker and Feast priest (Feast Junkie) extraordinaire who is now is entering the world of real estate investing and creating a Foodie Show called The Kitchen Snoop.

She is the creator of the Happy Hippy Hebrew Girl Variety Show, Executive Director of Teshuvah Ministries and founder and leader of the Facebook Group: Ladies of Teshuvah. She is a YouTube influencer and is one of the only female Melchizedek teachers in the world. She is founder and former President of the Hebrew Roots Club at BSU.

Rebekah attended Walla Walla University for nearly 7 years, holds an MDS Bachelor's degree from Boise State University and an AA degree from North Idaho College. She graduated from BSU with honors and her final projects included research of Big Ag and the dangers of GMO's and producing a TV Show for the local Community TV. Once a summer camp waterfront director, missionary, pro-photographer and graphic designer for Christian summer camps across the country .... she has now turned teacher and video maker.

Rebekah and Isaac grew up Seventh-day Adventist, but at 33 years old was called out through the ministry of John Eldredge and then Michael Rood to follow YHVH Elohim at all costs. And both followed Yah without hesitation.

Rebekah has suffered many forms of abuse and has lived and loved and then lost more than the average person. She has a special needs daughter whom she has healed through nutrition, but she may become most noted for surviving alongside her family during a Wilderness time of living in the mountains of North Idaho in a tipi for 4 brutal winters. There, in the mountains she created 5 off-grid Organic Back to Eden Gardens that fed 5 families through her CSA (Community Service Agriculture) for several summers.

You won't be disappointed in any of her classes! You will be challenged and you will learn a lot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts April 2, 2020 and graduation will be July 23, 2020. At that point you will enter your 6 month volunteer commitment in the Ladies Facebook Group. There will be a Year End Review in the Spring of 2021 when your commitment is over.
How long do I have access to the course?
Just while you are a student. Keep in mind this is not a self-paced course. You won't be able to rush ahead, but will only be able to do one module at a time as the instructor releases them.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
You are going to love the course, but if for some reason you are unsatisfied with it just contact Rebekah and let her know why you want to leave. She will be happy to release you, but there is no refund for weeks you have participated in.
What are the supplies I need to take the course?
Course requires a computer with internet. Optional equipment would be smartphone​, mic, tripod, light.
What is the course fee for?
Course fee pays for all the costs associated with providing an online course. It also creates value and commitment for students to continue until the end.
Who will be my instructor?
Your main instructor will be Rebekah Garvin, but you will also have past MODS as guest instructors from time to time.
Can I finish the course at my own pace?
No. Modules will be released one-at-a-time. Students can not work ahead, but are expected to stay in pace with the instructor and keep up with homework assignments.
Will I have support during my 6 months volunteer time?
YES! Absolutely! You and all the other MOD2 students will be required to attend a monthly Zoom meeting to talk about how things are going. Plus, you will have access to the MOD messanger chat group!
How many Zoom meetings can I miss?
Students are required to attend at least 80% of all the Zoom Trainings live. If you miss more than 3 you will have to re-take the course.
When is homework due?
Most homework will need to be completed in a one-week turn around period and will be required to be finished by the following Zoom Training. For extenuating circumstances and exceptions, contact Rebekah personally. :-) All homework will required to continue on in training.
What if I don't believe the same as you?
That's okay. You can take the course anyway and glean from it for your own personal journey. But in order to lead in the Ladies group or stay on as a partner in Teshuvah Ministries afterwards you will have to believe very similarly to the beliefs that we study about in the training.
When does registration close?
Registration closes on April 1, 2020 at 5pm.
I have vacation during the summer and can't show up....
That's fine, just clear it with Rebekah and work out a plan to make up homework and watch the recorded Zoom meeting that was missed.

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