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Master Level Coaching for living your best Kingdom Life for YHVH Elohim. Strengthen and maximize your relationship with THE Creator!

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This is life coaching for all ages (male and female) who deeply desire to live as Kingdom people in this world gone mad! It is for people who want encouragement as they walk throughout their days towards the Happily-Ever-After!

Members of Rebekah's Inner Circle will get once-a-month LIVE Coaching Training Session with Rebekah. They will also get to participate in a Q&A time at the end of each training. Members will also be able to access all PAST trainings––as they are made. As Rebekah's Inner Circle grows she will add value to the membership with Your Best Kingdom Life Challenges, prizes, Daily Readings, wearable gear and special product offerings. One membership is good for one person, one couple or one family (living in the same house). :-)

BONUSES: With your membership you will also get immediate access to all 29 of Rebekah's "See with Kingdom Eyes" series; "Real Life" video shorts"; Music videos; Kingdom Life Hacks video series, Yahshua's Masteries and more coming.

Members will get MONTHLY input from Rebekah and her Team (that you won't be able to find anywhere else) and be COACHED on DOING life as a Kingdom person in everyday situations! Rebekah has BEEN THERE, DONE THAT and she can help you KEEP the Kingdom eyes that the Ruach ha'Kodesh (the Spirit of God) gave you.


Become part of Rebekah's online tribe and get her exclusive membership by joining her Inner Circle today!

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Master Level Coaching for living your best Kingdom Life for YHVH Elohim. Strengthen and maximize your relationship with THE Creator!

Your Coach / Instructor

Rebekah Garvin and Alicia Prescott
Rebekah Garvin and Alicia Prescott

Rebekah Garvin's Bio:

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Rebekah is an American Northwest Girl who loves the mountains, white sand beaches, aqua blue water, dolphins and desert. She loves harvest time, sustainable organic living, sunbathing and figure skating.

She is a wife (21 years to Isaac) and mother (of 2 daughters, 17 and 20). She is a published author, speaker and Feast priest (Feast Junkie) extraordinaire who is now is entering the world of real estate investing and creating a Foodie Show called The Kitchen Snoop.

She is the creator of the Happy Hippy Hebrew Girl Variety Show, Executive Director of Teshuvah Ministries, Inc. and founder and leader of the Facebook Group: Ladies of Teshuvah. She is a YouTube influencer and is one of the only female Melchizedek teachers in the world. She is founder and former President of the Hebrew Roots Club at Boise State University in Idaho.

Rebekah attended Walla Walla University for nearly 7 years, holds an MDS Bachelor's degree from Boise State University and an AA degree in Commercial Art from North Idaho College. She graduated from BSU with honors and her final projects included research of Big Ag and the dangers of GMO's; developing an on campus student club for Hebraic college students; and producing a TV Show on the Biblical Feasts for the Boise area local Community TV.

Decades of her life were spent in the summer camp industry as a girls counselor, drama production and programing as well as being waterfront director, lifeguard, swim teacher and Assistant Youth director in both CA and ID. After a stint of being a missionary to Malaysia and lots of waitressing jobs she took up a decade of producing graphic design and marketing for Christian summer camps across the country through her company called Ink Time Design, Inc. After which she then entered a decade of being a premier wedding and family photographer in CDA with her company called, A Chance Encounter Photography.

Haunting her memories was this desire she was born with –– to teach, but having that desire ripped from her heart in man-made "higher education" left her wondering what the Creator had in mind for her life. After 50 years of life, she now knows what she was born to teach: Repentance! She has now turned her focus to using her skills for Yah's Kingdom–– exploring how to teach repentance and a simple understanding of the Melchizedek priesthood to ezer kenegdos through film and online platforms.

Rebekah and Isaac grew up Seventh-day Adventist, but at 33 years old was called out through the ministry of John Eldredge and then Michael Rood to follow YHVH Elohim at all costs. And both followed Yah without hesitation.

Rebekah has suffered many forms of abuse and has lived and loved and then lost more than the average person. She has a special needs daughter whom she has healed through nutrition, but she may become most noted for surviving alongside her family during a Wilderness time of living in the mountains of North Idaho in a tipi for 4 brutal winters. There she created 5 off-grid Organic Back to Eden Gardens that fed 5 families through her CSA (Community Service Agriculture) for several summers. But most importantly, there in the mountains she learned who her Elohim was, who she was in relationship to Him and what repentance requires.

You won't be disappointed in any of her classes! You will be challenged and you will learn a lot!Find her online portfolio and resume

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Alicia Prescott's Bio:

Alicia means "truthful one", a lesson I learned at 7 years old after I told my first lie. Since then, I have been a seeker of Truth. My youth was spent heavily invested in church life and leadership roles and while others sought advise from friends and magazines, I would consult my Bible through frustration and tears.

Unable to find good spiritual leadership, I was still seeking Truth but terribly distracted by parental pressure, seeming lack and worldly comparisons throughout my twenties. It was also this time that I developed my skills in professionalism as an international flight attendant, and later in management and mentoring as a lecturer and coordinator at a higher education faculty.

Things changed drastically after finding my Boaz, who swept me away from my hometown to the desert of Perth. Within a matter of days, I went from popular and social, to unknown and isolated. This turned out to be a blessing - a bubble, free from distraction where Papa YHVH had my attention. While marriage was restorative and character building, it was also the place where I began to ask Papa YHVH tough questions about my worth and role as a woman. The church provided few answers but through my growing career as a counsellor and Masters of Counselling lecturer and tutor, I began to develop an understanding of power in this world and the way women have been systemically mistreated by the doctrines of men. In my ongoing quest for answers, I was led to Rebekah Garvin's teaching on the Feminine Ruach Ha'Kodesh, which proved to be the starting point of my awakening to the Biblical Ezer Kenegdo role and subsequently the Eternal Royal Covenant and Melchizedek Priesthood. I believe Papa YHVH gave me a special blessing of understanding where I was able to download and consolidate a lot of new Scriptural understanding within a very short period of time. I was quick to unlearn the lies of my forefathers and eager to obey.

Today, I am focused on being a good Ezer Kenegdo to my husband and in the domains I have influence over. I have been public in my faith and have experienced rejection because of it. To the best of my current understanding, I am practicing being in the world but not of it. I understand deeply the consequence that women will face pain in relationships as a result of Adam's and Havah's disobedience. While I am keen to help women through this, I am certain that the only sustainable solution is by walking the Narrow Way, following the example of our only Rabbi Yeshua.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my membership?
Members are invited to join Rebekah LIVE once-a-month training and ask questions in the Q&A at the end. Members also get access to all past LIVE trainings (as they come available) and all the other things Rebekah will make available as time progresses (such as her Daily Readings, Inner Tribe Challenges for prizes, discounts on her products etc.
How long do I have access to Rebekah's trainings?
Membership into Rebekah's Inner Circle starts the moment you enroll and ends only when you cancel your membership. All Rebekah's past trainings will be archived here in your back office. You will be able to access them and all the other things she makes available as long as your membership is current.
What if I am unhappy with the membership?
We want you to be happy and excited about joining Rebekah's Inner Circle. But If you are unsatisfied with it please just cancel your membership at any time. Please keep in mind that we are unable to refund the months you have had access to the trainings. Canceling your membership means that you will not continue to have access to Rebekah's Inner Circle for future trainings and offerings.
Can I share my membership with a friend?
No, please don't share the actual course with friends. BUT the good news is that one membership is good for one person, one couple or one family (living in the same house). :-)
Is this a "course" or a "membership?"
This is a membership that acts kinda like a course. :-) As a course, all members will see what videos they have watched or not. Because it is set up as a course Rebekah can utilize the platform's "course" options if she wants -- like easily creating challenges and quizzes for fun. Hope that isn't too confusing! :-)

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