The Utter Relief of Holiness

Discover the essential Kingdom life characteristics and traits Ye'shua is looking for in His Bride. Do you have them?


Formerly known as, "The Kingdom Life Characteristics Course"

Most of us have come from religions that have told us what is right and wrong –– according to their own made-up ideas. Those denominations are man-made and were established to mislead us as to about what the true Messiah really needs from us so we can gain the Happily-Ever-After.

If we have been lied to and our eternal life is at stake–––then WHAT we need is the REAL MESSIAH (Ye'shua ha'Mashiach) to tell us what He needs us to be like and do!

Right? Right! :-) So...

  • If YOU want to get to the Happily-Ever-After....
  • If YOU want to live YOUR one wild and precious life in a way that is pleasing to your High Priest and your King....
  • If YOU want to KNOW what our Rabbi Ye'shua (not the Greek "Jesus") really told us to do...
  • If YOU want to do an audit of your life to see if you are doing what HE said to do...

THEN this simple and yet powerful course will help you know and give you time to absorb what the REAL Messiah, Ye'shua ha'Mashiach thinks is important.

This isn't made up. This is taken straight from the text. What does HE want to see growing in YOU? What does HE want you to do? How does HE say we get to the Happily-Ever-After?

This course is made up of over 325+ questions and it is completely ungraded since I created this in 2015. This is a tool that you will use as you take time to consider what Rabbi Ye'shua his Melchizedek Priesthood would look like by just looking at what He said. There is no commentary from me, the instructor. Instead, the questions and Scriptures that go with them are exactly what Ye'shua taught, demonstrated or applauded in other people. You are just invited to identify that trait in yourself or take note of it for future growth. Take this chance to do an audit of your life and see how you line up to Ye'shua's standards. Take this opportunity to see what "sparkles" you own and what "sparkles" you will seek the Ruach ha'Kodesh about gaining by this time next year. Join the Melchizedek Movement and discover what our Rabbi Ye'shua said His Royal Priests in His Royal Priesthood (the Melchizedek Priesthood) would be like and what fruits they would bear.

This COURSE consists of a series multiple-choice quizzes (325+ questions in all) that look directly at what Ye'shua said was important. We used the CKJV (The Chronological Gospels) version of the Gospels for this study.


Your Coach / Instructor

Rebekah Garvin
Rebekah Garvin

Rebekah is an American Northwest Girl who loves the mountains, white sand beaches, aqua blue water, dolphins and desert. She loves harvest time, sustainable organic living, sunbathing and figure skating. She is a wife (23 years to Isaac) and mother (of 2 daughters, 19 and 22). She is a published author, speaker and Feast Priest (Feast Junkie) extraordinaire who along with her family has hosted over 200 Biblical Feast events for Papa Yah and the local Melchizedek community.

Rebekah and Isaac grew up Seventh-day Adventist, but at 33 years old was called out through the ministry of John Eldredge and then Michael Rood to follow YHVH Elohim at all costs. And both followed Yah without hesitation. Her overall goal is to do what Ye'shua said to do, "Go to Them (the Scattered) and help them do all that I have commissioned them to do." You won't be disappointed in any of her classes! You will definitely be challenged, but you will learn and find permission to obey Yehovah with excellence!

Rebekah holds an AA from NIC and a BA from BSU. Among many things, she founded and was the first president of the Hebrew Roots Club at BSU in 2014.

Find out more about her works here: View Rebekah's Online Portfolio

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Just remember you are paying a monthly tuition to be in the Course.
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After enrolling, you will have access to this course for as long you are paying the monthly course fee. Feel free to cancel your course registration at anytime.
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We are not able to give refunds for tuition.

"I am going to practice my Mary heart and site at the feet of Messiah (and do this course), even whilst there is much to do (to prepare for Purim today)! Because I know the true value of these Mo'edim and am learning more every week." –– Tawnya B.

"Oh! Please take advantage of the Kingdom University Courses! They are so beneficial in your walk of repentance with Ye'shua ha'Mashiach. Yes, soul search, Ladies!" –– Erica F.

"Wow! So much information and the desire to sit and consume the Truth so that it assimilates into every fibre of my being..." –– Denyasha S.

"I think the course is wonderful! I've tried to speed through it, but I am going to take more time for it later." –– Cynthia M.

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